How to Customize Quick Access Toolbar in Microsoft Word
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 7/14/2021 12:00:00 AM

Microsoft Word, like most Microsoft 356 apps, is more powerful than the average user often realizes or gives it credit for. Word is full of tools like Researcher to assist with case studies or essays, Accessibility Checker to make your documents accessible for people with disabilities, or Compare and Combine to compare two different versions of documents. Oftentimes these tools can just be tucked away in hard-to-find places within the app.

If you spend a lot of time searching through menus and tools in Word to find features that you use on a regular basis, we have a tip that should your life a little easier. Here’s how to create your own Quick Access Toolbar, so you can get to the tools and settings you use most often with just one click.

Add buttons to Quick Access Toolbar:

  1. Select the drop-down menu on Quick Access Toolbar

  2. Select More Commands

  3. Open the Choose commands from drop-down menu

  4. Locate and select the tab your button is found on

  5. Find your button and select Add

  6. Click OK

Now you have your most-used features one-click away at all times.

It should be noted that the Quick Access Toolbar can only be used for commands and not text styling options such as spacing values, indentions, or individual styles.

Remove button from Quick Access Toolbar

  1. Right-click button you wish to remove

  2. Select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar

Change location of Quick Access Toolbar

  1. Select Customize Quick Access Toolbar

  2. Choose between showing QAT above or below the ribbon