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Launch of Safe Computing Website
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 5/16/2018 9:53:00 AM

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Runbiz Safe Computing Website LAUNCHES IN MAY 2018


Amarillo, May 16th 2018

Runbiz Safe Computing website, a free online resource for protecting yourself and your business from the growing cyber crime epidemic, launches on May 16th, 2018.


This collection of videos, tips, news and alerts, communicates the best practices in safe computing. We have leveraged our Runbiz staff along with feeds from the most trusted industry leaders to create this safe, unbiased resource.


The website consist of 6 sections:

Be Aware - Protect Yourself - Protect Your Biz - Tips & Videos - Alerts - News


Runbiz Safe Computing was crafted with our clients in mind, ideal for anyone from your average user, to large businesses who are prime targets for phishing attempts and viruses. Nearly all of us have a large amount of sensitive information floating through the web, with social media, online shopping, online banking, etc. Knowing how to protect it is essential.


The team of contributors consists of our Amarillo based Runbiz Support Staff, from technicians to Sr. Support Engineers, the Federal Trade Commission, SonicWALL, Heimdal Security, Schneier, The Hacker News, and Threatpost Cyber Security News. (subject to grow)


“We have the honor and responsibility of protecting some of the strongest organizations in our region and beyond. This is our way of sharing safe, trusted, unbiased knowledge we’ve gained.” Drew Terrell - President, Run Business Solutions

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