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Runbiz top 4 companies in our region - Inc. Magazine’s top 5000
Posted By: Tanner Clark

Run Business Solutions, our region’s leading provider of commercial Information Technology Services, also known as runbizTM, is recognized as 1 of 4 companies in our area that is growing exponentially and on the Inc. Magazine’s Top 5000. 

Run Business Solutions was originally founded in 1999 by Drew Terrell, Verone Leimer and Toby Giddens on the premise that all companies need the full function of an Information Technology department. This business was founded with expertise in accounting and finance from partner Verone Leimer who is also a CPA, expertise in technology and development from Toby Giddens partner and Director of IT Managed Services and Drew Terrell, partner and CEO. 

Now 18 years later, not only is Runbiz growing exponentially, their clients are reaching national and international markets through their expertise and services including infrastructure, technical support and technology development services.

RunbizTM provides proactive technology solutions and expertise in:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Network Engineering
  • IT Operations and Support
  • Database Administration
  • Accounting Systems
  • Custom Web Application and Integrations and Website Development

With great depth and experience in these areas, RunbizTM can deliver the core IT functions for virtually any organization, while adding the latest specialized technology solutions need to accelerate corporate growth. “Over the years, we have developed great relationships with businesses of all sizes, not-for-profits and schools across the region. While an organization may not need EVERY service we offer, EVERY organization needs some services that we offer, says Toby Giddens, Shareholder, IT Services. “RunbizTM, as we have been nicknamed by our clients, has a very strong company culture. It is the cornerstone of our success and we are excited to be growing our team. We’ve been very intentional about our growth strategies and that’s led to not only the exponential growth that we’re being recognized for today, but sustainable growth over the last 18 years.

In 2000, we started with a team of 3 focused on supporting technology departments and more specifically accounting infrastructure. By 2015 we had the opportunity to acquire a long-standing competitor in this market that grew our team and our IT Managed Services client base even more. We’ve been presented a number of acquisition opportunities, but our service base and our client mix is truly unique, so we have chosen to grow more organically. As of now we have 26 team members and clients in distribution industries, industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, healthcare, professional services, hospitality, education and technology and those clients have a national and international footprint. As a Microsoft certified partner and the primary resource supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting software, we are able to serve very large complex organizations and the small dynamic entrepreneur that is literally working everywhere, says Verone Leimer, Shareholder, Dynamics GP Services. 

“We are consistently looking to add value for our clients. The runbizTM model provides a managed service approach, this is a unique and proactive approach to growing companies through technology. We offer 24/7 monitoring and security and a unique support infrastructure that allows us to support our clients directly no matter where they are located.”

 We are committed to:

Hire good people;
Give them the tools they need and a comfortable place to work;
Challenge them to exceed expectations; and
Empower them to do so.

 RunbizTM has provided creative and custom business solutions to clients throughout region since 1999. Looking forward, RunbizTM is committed to deepening our ability to provide extensive knowledge of the technology complexities and take the time to provide customized solutions for the unique needs and situations of our clients. Our managed services model give companies access to highly qualified IT specialists, ensuring predictable IT costs, reduced downtime, and CIO level guidance.  We are incentivized to be proactive. We work to ensure our companies are running smoothly at all times, preventing issues, not just waiting for things to go wrong. “RunbizTM is uniquely situated to drive economic development throughout our region by helping our customers improve and grow their organizations across the economic spectrum.  We provide highly specialized services with a local touch and a global reach.”   Drew Terrell, Shareholder, President.

Tips to Improve Password and Username Security
Posted By: Tanner Clark

Security is one of our main focuses here at Runbiz, however, in the end it is your decision on how safe you want to keep your information.

One thing people don’t consider when making a username and password for a new account is if it is safe enough to not be so easily decoded. Your password and username should be unique but also professional.


Do NOT Use Personal Information

This should be the most obvious, however, there are still people out there who will continuously make this mistake. Last names, birthdates or anything similar to these should NEVER be used. Not only is easier to figure out, it is also your personal information that is put on display if included as your username.


Avoid Using Real Words

This may sound crazy but it is true and should be taken seriously: it is very common for hackers nowadays to flip through an entire dictionary in order to figure out your password. Don’t be the person who thinks it’s hilarious to use “password” as their password. Try throwing in a Z where an S should be and using numbers as letters.


Mix it Up

Your password is much safer when you use a mixture of different characters. Include uppercase, lowercase, numbers and other special characters as well. Try using a good combination throughout the whole password. Another common mistake when mixing up characters is to put an uppercase at the very beginning. Hackers usually catch that because it becomes so common for people to put it at beginning rather than in the middle or the end. 


Try to Use a Acronym

Trying to remember a password can be tricky and can cause frustration. Using a paraphrase can be an easier method to come up with a solid password. Think of a sentence, lyrics to a song, poem or verse that is the most memorable to you and take the first letter from each word and combine it together. It also helps to substitute a number for a word that spells out or is similar to a number (i.e. 2 for two/to).


A Password Should NOT be Used More than Once

If you have multiple logins and each account has sensitive information, do NOT repeat the use of your passwords. If a hacker is able to retrieve one of your accounts login information then he will likely try and use the same information to gain access to your other accounts. This applies to your username as well.


NEVER Give Your Login Information to Anyone

Login details should never be given to anyone, even if you know them. Your information could easily be lost or fall into the wrong hands. There have also been a series of fake phone calls by hackers who will try to trick you into thinking they are an IT service who need your information in order to override an issue. If this happens to you do not follow their instructions, call your regular IT service provider and have them run a security scan on your computer.


An Unsecured Wi-Fi Source Is Not Safe

The most exciting thing in the world is when a restaurant or store has free Wi-Fi. However, because it is free to the public that means it is highly exposed to any hackers who are using the same network as you. If you are using a free Wi-Fi network be careful not to login into any accounts while online.

Please keep these tips in mind as you make new accounts and also adjust the ones you currently have if you feel they aren’t secure enough. 

Play. Pause. Payroll Rewind.
Posted By: Tanner Clark

Microsoft Dynamics GP can be the solution you need for accounting and business management. This ERP software for small businesses helps you gain a better control over the financials, inventory management and operations.

The software is simple to use and easy to learn. Microsoft Dynamics GP is more efficient and helps avoid the costs of having to frequently replace a system by combining the functionality of other systems.


  • Easy and quick process to set-up and get running
  • Rapid integartion with financial and operational processes
  • Adaptable functionality designed for changing business needs

Business Management Capabilities:

  • Financial management and accounting
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Sales and service
  • Human resources and payroll
  • Inventory management and operations


wsTools is a product made to boost the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  With wsTools, you can automate processes, intuitively find information quickly, easily make adjustments without affecting accuracy, improve, visibility, and empower the workforce that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP.

 One of their products we found really useful is, Payroll Rewind, a reversal system that helps with a business’s payroll process.


  • Compliments GP
  • Removes the stress of payroll voids by bringing all the transactions back as if it they had not been processed
  • Automatically pulls the transactions back into the payroll batch for the payroll rebuild and recalculation without having to start over
  • Corrects duplicates, reverses the ACH file from direct deposits and has a full audit trail

wsTools is confident in its product, offering a 30-day-trial with a money-back guarantee to Runbiz clients who are interested in this program.



Runbiz only features the best programs and tools for its clients to help keep their businesses running.

If you have questions about Microsoft Dynaimcs GP or Payroll Rewind, please give us a call at (806) 322-2150. 

Let Greenshades Handle It
Posted By: Tanner Clark


Let’s face it, you have better things to do than stress over the challenges payroll can cause. That’s why we want to introduce you to Greenshades.

The online software has been helping companies for 15 years. It provides them with the opportunity to run payroll themselves instead of outsourcing it. It is a program meant to relieve the hassle and allow individuals to focus on running their business.

Thousands of companies use Greenshades because of the programs offered, such as:



The online benefits enrollment module automatically updates employee elections within Dynamics GP.


Payroll Tax Service

Automates federal, state and local payroll tax compliance with assisted E-Filing and payments.


Dynamics Payroll Inspector

Eases the pressur of keeping up with regulation changes like tax reciprocity or the Affordable Care Act.


Year-End Forms

Saves time and money with electronic distribution and outsourced production of W-2, 1099, 1095-C, and T4 Forms.



Correctly calculates complicated garnishments including child support, tax liens, and other deduction orders.


Tax Filing Center

Easily creates electronic tax returns for submission to federal, state and local agencies.


Employee Services

A self-service portal for employee paystubs, timesheets, HR documents, and much more.


If you’re interested in the 15% off special with Greenshades, contact RunBiz today and you can be on your way to a headache-free payroll system.

The Importance of Having an IT Service
Posted By: Tanner Clark


It is key in keeping all important information safe and private. As a business owner, you can’t afford having specific documents or even client information in a vulnerable position. You may try installing your own virus protection onto your computer, however, it is not guaranteed that your computer won’t be susceptible to an attack. An IT service will have every necessary security software installed and kept up-to-date so you don’t have to.


Don’t try to be the expert when you can hire the expert

Why add more to the stress of trying to run a business? Some people may believe that they are saving money when in fact they are actually using more resources and time than necessary. By hiring an IT service, you allow an outside expert source to monitor, secure and handle all your technology needs. This then allows you to focus on your business, not technical issues. IT services have been known to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


Store it in the cloud not the file cabinet

Proper data management is no longer done the old fashion way of using file cabinets because of the lack of security and probability of being lost. The most effective method is by storing data/documents digitally onto a cloud based system. It allows a business to eliminate the use of file cabinets/rooms and allows for easy access to all files at any time or location. Cloud storage is also a great form of security and can keep sensitive information from the potential of being leaked.


The list goes on and on…

There are many technical factors that play a role in having an IT service, however, consider the competitive edge it can give a business. It allows an organization to keep up with the challenges and constant evolution of modern technology. It saves you money to outsource an IT service because it allows you to pick the services that best fit your organizations needs and if your company grows, the IT service grows with you.


Runbiz is a quality service provided to keep your business running. Our expert staff helps by taking the technology burden off your shoulders and letting you focus on managing important tasks. We keep your documents and information secure and stored in the cloud database. Our IT department is available 24/7 to ensure that your business is taken care of at all times. If you need more services applied to your organization talk to one of our sales representatives and they can help build a plan according to your needs. 

Tips on Preventing Ransomware
Posted By: Tanner Clark

Tips on Preventing Ransomware

Ransomware is defined as “a type of malicious software, or malware, designed to block access to a computer until a ransom is paid”. There have been several instances lately that have brought attention to the harmfulness of being involved in a ransomware attack. Anyone is vulnerable to an attack which means preventative steps need to be taken to enhance security and prevent the likelihood of becoming a victim to ransomware and other attacks.


Here are some tips to help you avoid an attack:


  • Refrain from opening any suspicious looking messages.

    Ransomware is masked to look like an official warning and can trick you into thinking that there is an issue with your computer and that it can be resolved for a small fee. This also applies to emails that contain links and files. It’s best to have your emails filter setup so that it won’t allow those kinds of emails to come through.


  • Ensure that you have a Firewall and consistently run its security updates:

    Turn on your firewall and keep it configured to allow it to run in the background at all times.


  • Use STRONG passwords to prevent attackers from comprising your computers security:

    Attackers will use various methods to override your password and obtain sensitive files and information from your computer. The use of a strong password will help to slow down the attack or even defeat the process entirely. A strong password includes: six characters or more, has no user name information and is a combination of lowercase or uppercase letters along with numbers and symbols.


  • Install a browser add-on to block any unwanted popups that can pose a threat from ransom Trojan attack.


  • Disable file sharing, remote services and switch off unused wireless and Bluetooth connections:

This may appear to be a hassle but will indeed help keep your computer from becoming easily accessible for an attack.



    It cannot be stressed enough as to how crucial it is to always, always, always back up your files. Use a cloud-based system or an external HDD to store all sensitive documents and files. This issue should be the most concerning, especially if you have any kind of personal or business information that is always kept locked away on your computer.


  • Finally, hire an IT service to help keep your system secure:

Let’s face it, not everyone is an expert at handling technological issues. So, when it comes down to the security of your information, hire a professional service like Runbiz, who will provide professional help in managing your technology needs.  

Mimecast- your solution for targeted threat protection.
Posted By: Tanner Clark

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection extends your traditional gateway security to defend against malicious links in email, weaponized attachments and malware-less social-engineering attacks, often called whaling – the three most common attack methods. 

Real-time scanning and blocking of suspect websites and attachment sandboxing prevent employees from inadvertently downloading malware or revealing credentials and the detection of suspicious financial fraud emails. Dynamic user awareness capabilities reinforce security policies and engage employees in assessing risks. Improve frontline security protection against sophisticated spear-phishing and other advanced attacks. With the Mimecast Protection Suite, you will have instant and comprehensive protection from the latest malware-less social engineering attacks, often called CEO fraud, whaling or business email compromise. Not all email based attacks use malicious URLs or weaponized attachments, and are increasingly sophisticated and convincing in their efforts to use social engineering tactics against users.Whaling attacks, business email compromise or CEO fraud are designed to trick key users, often in the finance team, into making wire transfers or other financial transactions to cyber-criminals by pretending to be the CEO or CFO in a spoofed email. Some also target those responsible for sensitive employee data, for example payroll information, which could be used for identity theft. 

You are not immune to Hacking...
Posted By: Tanner Clark

Hacking for money has turned into a multi-billion dollar global industry.  The latest in a long line of for profit hacks has become known as “Whaling.”  Borrowing the casino industry term for big gamblers, Whaling is a very sophisticated attack that uses technical skill to provide reconnaissance which can be leveraged to con companies, large and small, out of thousands of dollars.   Our small business clients are no longer anonymous, nor are you immune to these attacks.  Here’s how they work:

  • Attackers are gathering massive amounts of information about your company using publicaly available information from your website, Facebook, Linked In, etc.  
  • They are also looking for opportunities to compromise your email account through various means of phishing attempts and viruses.  They are even hacking public websites that use email account as username, correctly assuming that many people will use the same password as their network/email. 
  • Once they identify a target and compromise an email account inside the company, they begin using the insights gleaned from reading email to create a scheme designed to specifically con your company.  For example, once they learn the name of your owner and your accountant, they will send an email from the hacked email account to the accountant which references the owner and requests that a wire transfer be made for appears to be a legitimate business transaction. 
  • This new breed of attack is as much a con game as a technical hack.  They have become very adept at finding targets, learning about them, then adopting their tones and traits in email to trick someone into sending a wire transfer.  They are even smart enough to vary the amounts based on the size of the company.  They are daring enough to make follow up requests for more money to those who have paid. 

Here are some things you should implement immediately to protect yourself from these for profit attacks:

  1. Change your network/email password frequently and NEVER use your email address and password to set up accounts on public websites.
  2. Work with Runbiz to turn off Outlook Web Access, if your company is no longer using the feature. 
  3. Put a policy in place to control wire transfer requests outside of email. 
  4. Consider adding a new layer of security services that are specifically designed to curtail For Profit attacks.

Please contact your Runbiz account manager if you have any questions or concerns about any of your security needs.



Top 10 Cyber Threats for 2016
Posted By: Tanner Clark
The McAfee Labs 2016 Threat Predictions report identifies top threats for the coming year as well as predictions for future cyber threats through 2020. The following is a summary of the report’s findings:

Hardware: Attacks that exploit flaws in both hardware and firmware components are expected to continue; security experts recommend being mindful of this potential avenue of exploitation below the level of the operating system.


Ransomware attacks will likely become more common and more sophisticated. “Ransomware-as-a-service” is expected to continue growing, which will allow inexperienced cyber criminals access to the ransomware. Additionally, experts predict that ransomware will expand beyond Windows and also start targeting the increasingly popular Mac OSX.


Wearable devices are becoming much more popular. While these devices don’t store very sensitive data themselves, they do connect to smartphones via Bluetooth, offering criminals a new potential “back door” into a user’s smartphone. The report suggests that cyber criminals might, for instance, use GPS data gathered from a user’s fitness tracker to create spear-phishing email attacks that the user is more likely to open.


Wired magazine stunned the automotive world in July 2015 when it ran a feature story outlining how a couple of enterprising hackers remotely commandeered a Jeep Cherokee. Experts predict a rise in the number of exploited zero-day vulnerabilities but even identified threats pose a problem, because some companies cannot issue remote updates to certain car models.


 Integrity attacks represent a new, and potentially costly, type of cyber attack that most companies have seen in the past. Unlike other cyber attacks in which criminals simply damage or steal data, integrity attacks involve criminals selectively and surgically altering data in communications or transactions in ways that benefit them. Experts anticipate integrity attacks will heavily affect the financial sector in 2016 as criminals find methods of intercepting and redirecting their targets’ legitimate transactions to their own bank accounts.

The report also mentioned that employees’ home systems, Cloud services and cyber espionage are likely cyber threats in the coming year. Regardless of the source, it’s clear that guarding yourself from cyber attacks involves identifying your exposures and developing strategies to protect yourself from each developing risk. Contact your advisor at NCW Insurance today to ensure your cyber risks are appropriately covered.

Moody’s to Consider Cyber Attacks in Credit Assessments

Moody’s Investors Service announced recently that cyber attacks are becoming a larger part of the agency’s credit assessment and analysis processes. While Moody’s made it clear that it doesn’t consider cyber risk a principal credit factor, the agency has begun assessing cyber attacks as “event risks.” An event risk is a rare but potentially severe risk, much like a storm or other natural disaster that the company includes in its stress tests as it runs its credit analyses.

The growing number and severity of cyber attacks have made such a move necessary, as companies find themselves sometimes paying hundreds of millions of dollars to counteract the damage of a single data breach. Moody’s has released a report highlighting three important areas for companies to think about when considering the credit impact of a cyber attack:

The type and importance of the affected asset or business
The duration of the service disruption
The scope of the business or assets affected by the cyber attack

Cyber Information Sharing Act
Posted By: Tanner Clark
The Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA), a significant piece of cyber-security legislation, was added to the omnibus spending bill passed by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama last month. CISA is designed to encourage companies to cooperate with one another and with governmental agencies when disclosing and sharing information about identified cyber security threats, in part, by offering immunity to companies as a result of sharing that information.

Proponents of CISA say that sharing information will allow both the government and the private sector to respond to threats more quickly and efficiently. Critics, however, worry about the privacy of sensitive customer and patient data.

Cloud services and cyber espionage are likely cyber threats in the coming year. Regardless of the source, it’s clear that guarding yourself from cyber-attacks involves identifying your exposures and developing strategies to protect yourself from each developing risk.

Maverick "Club Tech"
Posted By: Tanner Clark
November 17, 2015, Amarillo, Texas- Runbiz in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of Amarillo, is pleased to announce the completion of the renovation and expansion “Club Tech, powered by Runbiz” a state-of-the-art technology center supporting the Academic Success Initiative and the over 700 kids that are members of the Boys & Girls Club of Amarillo and Canyon’s Maverick Location. 

We invite the community to join us in celebrating the grand opening of the newly renovated Club Tech, powered by Runbiz. This celebration will begin Tuesday, November 24th at 3:45pm, with a community assembly in the Boys & Girls Club Gym, followed by a ribbon-cutting with the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and a reception. The Boys and Girls club of Amarillo is located at 1923 S. Lincoln Street in Amarillo. 

The Boys & Girls Clubs Maverick location serves over 700 boys and girls on a year-around basis. The overarching goal of the Boys & Girls Club of Amarillo & Canyon is to provide at-risk youth from low-income families in underserved neighborhoods a safe, nurturing environment that enhances opportunities for youth, ages 5-18, to develop the qualities necessary to become responsible citizens. Part of that development includes access to and education through technology. 

Club Tech, powered by Runbiz is part of the Boys & Girls Club Academic Success Initiative. Club Tech programming is designed to support 25-30 children in a given rotation, with access to hands-on educational initiatives, including 20 programs that range from Microsoft Office to Robotics and Coding/Development.  Originally the computer lab housed only 8 working computers and a traditional style projector to serve over 200 children. When asked to help with a technology plan to capitalize on a $2500 grant for technology, Runbiz professionals realized that the need for new equipment and services far outweighed the resources available to this organization. As a team we decided to go all in, providing a state-of-the-art renovation, more equipment and a commitment to provide all the managed services needed to keep Club Tech running and kids learning.  

“Helping The Maverick was an obvious choice for me.  I went there as a kid.  I volunteered with United Way and really learned about the great services they provide.  We started providing their IT services several years ago when we were a much younger company.  Since then, Runbiz has been blessed and we feel obligated to give back to our community.   Most of our team have young families so this was an obvious way of combining two things close to our hearts, kids and technology,” says Drew Terrell, President Runbiz. 

Runbiz pulled together and utilized several local relationships and vendor relationships to design and implement the expansion of Club Tech, powered by Runbiz with contribution of over $25,000 to date. Runbiz selected to purchase Dell’s latest form factor, the “micro-tower” for this lab. Providing the latest in processing and space utilization capability. What really separates this style from others is the size. These towers are no bigger than a modem which is a real space saver. This will allow us to tuck them behind the monitor to allow more work space. In addition to the micro-towers, Runbiz also purchased Dell Venue Pro tablets. These devices will familiarize the kids with the “mobility” trend today’s manufacturers are focusing on.  

“We are securing this technology through cloud-managed Firewalls, Wireless Access Points, and Switches. Not only are these easier to manage for an IT department, but they also offer state of the art security. The kids can change whatever they want, to see how things work, but the software will automatically reset it to our configuration upon rebooting.  It’s really cool and removes the “fear” of newer users.  It’s empowering for them to know they can’t mess it up,” says Terrell. 

The original grant funding for upgrades, along with special pricing through Runbiz vendor relationships,   allowed The Boys and Girls Clubs to purchase a state-of-the-art Smart Board.  Runbiz is installing and configuring the Smart Board along with providing training to the faculty on how to utilize this tool for teaching.  

“When we have a client that makes us aware of a significant need in our community, we consider it privilege to be able to satisfy that need, especially since we excel in this particular technology. We have just the right people to make this an environment that not only will help these kids educationally but will make it fun and team oriented. It is an honor to serve through Boys and Girls Clubs of America.”- Verone Leimer, Partner/CFO Runbiz. 

The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Amarillo & Canyon is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens – this mission guides every action of our organization. “This partnership with Runbiz is incredibly exciting and will allow us to continue to grow and provide expansive opportunities where we have traditionally been challenged”, says Alise Dixon, Director of Operations Maverick Boys & Girls Club. “The mission of the Boys and Girls Club is one that is near and dear to my own heart.  The children in our community.  We are glad to help by providing our technical expertise and the equipment necessary to help foster an environment where children can grow and learn.  The Boys and Girls Club has touched the lives of many of our youth and we are honored to be involved in that mission” –Toby Giddens, Partner Senior IT Consultant Runbiz.