Cloud Considerations: Continuity
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 11/20/2019 12:00:00 AM

If you joined us last week, you learned that we greatly emphasize the value of continuity. Just to briefly review, cloud solutions can change the downtime conversation of from days and weeks to seconds and minutes. This is a game changer when your server room is subject to natural disasters, fires, floods, busted pipes and lightning strikes.

This is made possible by a concept called high availability, which without getting into too much technical jargon, is the ability to withstand all outages, and keep all of your critical business applications running. This is usually offered at an agreed level of uptime.

Many times, uptime is measured as “three-nines”,” four-nines”, and “five-nines”.

Three-Nines = 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Four-Nines = 99.99% uptime guaranteed

Five-Nines = 99.999% uptime guaranteed

To put that in perspective, five-nines guarantees a maximum of 6.05 seconds of downtime per week, or 72.6 seconds of downtime per year.

If you are hosting exclusively on-premise and your servers are subject to a disaster, you have to allot time for ordering, receiving, configuring and installing a new server, which is what drives you up into days and sometimes weeks before recovering.