Cloud Considerations: Scalability
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 10/30/2019 12:00:00 AM

Migrating from on-premise servers to the cloud comes with many considerations. While total virtualization is great for some, others may find that a hybrid approach of migrating just a portion of their operation to the cloud is a better fit.   We’ll be discussing this in bite sized pieces over the next several weeks. Starting with scalability.

This is one of the top selling points for business owners looking to make the leap to the cloud.

With traditional servers, maybe you’ve reached your maximum capacity but you’re hiring on two new team members, now all the sudden you realize those new team members come with the additional cost of a whole new server.

With that comes a lot of wasted space. Sure, you’ll have the ability to grow into that, but it is a leap of faith.

Whether you’re scaling in, out, up or down, the cloud provides the ability to do so instantly, without waste. This means you are always paying for what you actually need, not paying for what is to come.