COVID-19 Planning for runbiz™ Customers
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 3/18/2020 12:00:00 AM

A message to all runbiz™ Managed IT Services Customers: 

Some customers have started engaging us to assist with COVID-19 preparations. Each customer’s current capability and requirements to operate remotely varies greatly.

While all customers have disaster recovery plans, most don’t have continuity plans to specifically address a quarantine. To effectively implement a solution within a short timeframe, runbiz™ must have clear and realistic expectations from each customer.

If you have remote access in place for users today, rolling it out to 1-2 more users in a limited capacity is realistic. However, creating remote access for a large group or an entire organization is not realistic. 

Here is an outline of considerations to assist you in creating a realistic continuity plan:

  1. Communications Plan – this is a critical element of every incident response plan.
    1. Phones – Contact phone vendor to determine call routing capabilities of your phone system. If runbiz™ is your phone vendor, we will address this in your plan. 
    2. Email – Many users have access to their email outside work. Take extra care to determine who has/needs access. Have users who won’t have access turn on the Out of Office assistant before they leave. 
    3. Current remote access – Do you have Virtual Private Network (VPN), Terminal Services, or other Remote Access in place?
    4. Notify Employees
    5. Notify Customers
    6. Notify Vendors
    7. Print hard copies of key contact lists with cell phone numbers.
    8. Create an employee phone tree for critical communications.
  1. Physical Limitations – Identify any physical items needed to complete critical processes.
    1. Printed documents, manuals, instructions, etc.
    2. Bank authentication token devices
    3. Checks, check stock, mail, etc.
  1. Database Application Capability – Determine which applications and processes are essential. Which are currently configured to operate remotely? Standard priority of essential processes are:
    1. Phone and Email Communications
    2. Payroll
    3. Accounts Payable
    4. Line of Business Systems
    5. Management Information Systems
  1. Remote File Access – Which files, folders, drives are essential? Are they currently remotely accessible?
    1. Terminal Server?
    2. Datto Workplace?
  1. Identify Key Roles / Users
    1. Role
    2. Name
    3. Location
  1. Acceptable Workarounds for Complex Processes - If functionality exists allowing most employees to work remotely, having specific employees go on-site to complete certain processes such as payroll may offer a realistic alternative to retooling these complex processes.

To move forward, please email with the subject line of COVID-19 PLAN and include the following essential information:

  • Clear and realistic list of essential applications
  • Files that need to be remotely accessed by a list of key users
  • Timeline for completion

We’ve set up a separate process to address these as professional service projects. We believe we have the resources and capabilities to deliver your essential requirements in a reasonable timeframe with your cooperation. Once we’ve received your requirements, a runbiz™ project resource will be in touch to clarify and schedule your project.