Microsoft Office Lens
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 5/21/2020 12:00:00 AM



Continuing with the theme of Microsoft 365 functionality, today we’re checking out Office Lens, an app designed for your iOS or Android Device. It’s an easy way to capture meeting notes from a whiteboard or scan in documents and receipts on the go. There are plenty of other apps on the market that do similar things, but the main appeal with Office Lens is that it integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft 365 accounts. You can instantly turn your photos or scans into word documents, PowerPoint Files, or PDF documents.

Once you capture a picture of a document to scan it in, then the app converts the image to text and preserves the formatting of the document by using optical character recognition (OCR). Once the document is converted you can go in and edit just as you can with any word doc.

You can also use Lens, as I mentioned earlier, to capture a whiteboard. You can capture the whiteboard from any angle, and Lens will automatically clean up the photo and enhance the image to appear as a digital whiteboard.

To download, just go to your phone’s app store and search Microsoft Office Lens, or you can search Microsoft Office and download the new all-in-one Office app, which is full of great features.