Snip and Sketch: Windows 10
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 9/11/2019 12:00:00 AM

For all of you screen-shotters out there, I come bearing good news.  Our old friend Snipping Tool got a face lift! While the Snipping Tool is still available on PCs, intent is for the new Snip and Sketch to completely replace it. Let’s take a peek at some of the new features!


Now, when using your shortcut, Windows + Shift + S, you can select the specific portion of your screen you’d like to capture. Once you’ve got your screenshot, it’s automatically copied to your clipboard and available to paste.


To access the feature manually:

  • Click the start menu
  • Type “snip and sketch”
  • Select the "New" button to start snipping


Snip & Sketch also allows you to do all of the mark ups your heart desires.


You have the standard pen, pencil and highlighter mark-up tools. They’ve also included an eraser, a ruler to help with strait lines, and a cropping function to fine tune your parameters.


Finally, we have the new delay feature which allows you to snip with a 3 or 10 second delay. You may wonder how this is helpful. After all, it’s not like we’re taking selfies here. But the delay function is actually incredibly useful when trying to capture a popup menu that you have to hover over.


Overall, Windows has done a great job of modifying an already useful feature.


Happy snipping!