Why Separate Accounts Need Separate Passwords
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 7/24/2019 12:00:00 AM

Today we are talking about why your separate online accounts need to have unique passwords. If you take a second to think about it, you’ll realize that your personal information exists in many different places and platforms online. (Bank accounts, email, online shopping, etc.) With that, comes a considerable amount of risk. And while there is no full proof way to ensure that a breach on one of these platforms will never happen, there are ways to ensure that all other accounts with sensitive information are not left vulnerable. This is why it’s important to use different passwords for the different online platforms where your information exists.


 As we discussed in previous web tips, your passwords need to be long, unique, and hard to guess. We are fully aware that trying to remember 7 or 8 long, crazy passwords is unreasonable. The good news is that you don’t have to. Let the computer do the work for you! There are a lot of options for password management software out there that will generate secure, unique passwords, that you don’t have to remember; LastPass, Dashline, and Google Chrome’s built-in password manager to name a few. These password managers not only store your account passwords, they will generate random, secure passwords for you.


The importance is not so much on the tool you use to achieve this, but that you DO IT!