WIndows 11 is Here
Posted By: Ryan Richardson - 11/22/2021 12:00:00 AM

What your business can expect with the latest version of Windows

Back in June, Microsoft made a surprise announcement that a new version of Windows was on its way. Mostexperts had assumed that Windows 10, which was released in 2015, had a few more years of life left in it, but now we know the future is Windows 11. There is good reason to be excited about this. We’ve pulledtogether this guide to tell you more about Windows 11 and the benefits that make it worth considering an upgrade. 

Windows 11 has 3 major benefits:

  • It’s much more secure
  • It has better functionality and greater possibilities
  • It looks stunning

Much like every other Microsoft launch, you can’t just press a button and upgrade to Windows 11 today. In fact, it’s not yet available for all existing PCs.

Let’s look at minimum requirements:

Windows 11 has a long roll out process, starting with new machines and working

its way to older machines. Some existing PCs will be entitled to a free upgrade, which is likely to happen inthe first half of next year, but even then, there are strict hardware requirements. Microsoft is insisting their latest OS will only run on machines that can handle it, and where it will be secure.

Yes, that does mean some of your existing machines may never be able to run the new operating system. Here is a list of hardware requirements for Windows 11:

Processor: 1GHz or faster, with at least two cores on a compatible 64bit processor


Storage: 64GB

System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot compatible

Trusted Platform Module (TPM): 2.0

Graphics card: DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 drive

Display: 720p, 8bit per color channel, at least 9” diagonal 

A quick note on security and update frequency:

Windows 11 will be Microsoft’s most secure release to date. Updates will be 40% smaller, and there will onlybe one major update a year, as opposed to the usual two per year. This cadence is more in line with Apple’s update rhythm for Macs and MacBooks. There will also be small monthly updates for bug fixes and securityupdates. Overall, fewer updates mean less downtime for you and your team. Even when the updates are runat night, this is much more suitable for the way people do business today.

Now for the fun part. New Features:

First let’s talk about the taskbar, which sits at the bottom of the screen in Windows 10. In Windows 11, this isnow called the Dock, and it’s optimized for touch as well as a mouse.

Microsoft has made improvements to the way Windows works on tablets, which has previously been a weak point. Touch targets will now be larger, and it will be easier to move windows around the screen. They’re alsobringing Gestures (just like you’d use on a touchpad).

Your pinned items, as well as your widgets are now accessible via the Dock, and will now have AI-powereddynamic features. This will allow them to change or rotate, depending on the time of day or which appsyou’re using at the time.

The Start Menu is now in the center of the screen, and this new cloud-powered button will also changedynamically, like your widgets, based on what you are currently working on.

Widgets will be available from third parties. When you’re using Windows 11, you’ll have as many to choosefrom as you would on Apple’s iOS and iPad OS.

There are a good deal of features designed to help you multi-task. Snap Layouts is a big one, which lets youarrange multiple windows across your screen in columns or sections, rather than just side-by-side. And SnapGroups makes it simpler to change between apps without having to go back to the previous view.

Another intuitive feature comes into play when you connect to an external monitor. Windows 11 willremember the positions your windows were in last time you used the monitor and automatically go back tothat view for you. This saves you loads of time and frustration.

Now to the Apps

The Microsoft Store has undergone a makeover. The content curation got an upgrade, it’s easier to manageyour purchases, and you now have the option to mirror your apps to your TV.

Apps like Disney , Adobe Creative, and Pinterest have already been added to the store, and many more are set to follow. Android Apps are also available for download, accessed via the Amazon App Store. It’s possible that at some point we’ll see some Apple apps available, such as iMessage.

Teams is now integrated into the Dock, making it easier for you to join meetings and calls. However, Skype istaking a back seat in Windows 11 and isn’t automatically available, though you can still download it. It’s beensuggested that it may eventually disappear from Windows altogether.

Once you’re using Windows 11, the Health Check App can help you to refine your settings. It makessuggestions on things like brightness, power saving, and storage.

Overall, there is a lot to look forward to with Windows 11. From its modern look and feel, aptly named “Fluent Design”, to its improved security and intelligence. It’s always exciting getting latest version of something, especially when it’s been improved as much as Windows 11.