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Cybersecurity training is BORING.

Right?.. Historically, cybersecurity training has been a series of robotic modules telling you what not to do. Nobody wants to listen to that. Thankfully, Mimecast has changed the game. 

The probability of a company incurring a major security breach is close to 30% and more than 90% of those breaches involve Human Error. Lapses of judgment cost companies a significant amount of time and a tremendous amount of money. 

$1.5 Billion is spent on awareness training, and you know why it's not working? Because employees don't like it.

Mimecast does awareness training differently. Engagement is everything. The Mimecast training modules are quick and funny. They also present important concepts in a way that's relatable and easy to understand. 

The user experience is quick and easy: Employees watch a short video, answer a question, find out why they got it right or wrong, and the whole thing takes approximately 3 minutes each month

The Mimecast platform assesses knowledge, behavior, and sentiment, and uses that information, along with millions of data points across industries, to determine employee and company risk scores. Companies can identify employees who are more at-risk, and target training specifically for them. This allows you to see the problem before it becomes a problem. That's how we reduce the impact of Human Error in the workplace. Who doesn't want that? 

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