Microsoft Teams Deployment Guide



1. Follow along with all videos on playlist above

  • An Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Setting Up Your Staff
  • Installing Teams
  • Audio and Video Calls

2. Assign your Teams Champion and plan structure

3. Download Teams and build structure

4. Email your users

  • Explain the plan
  • Share the link to videos
  • Assign users due dates for self-deployment

Here is a template for your user announcement:

Dear [User],

[Organization Name] is always seeking ways to improve internal communication, so we have decided to deploy a tool that will allow us to just that. Microsoft Teams will allow us to use customizable teams and channels to collaborate via private or group chat, audio calls, and video calls. This app is accessed through Office 365 and is available on all desktop and mobile devices. 

Please take a moment to watch this 5 part video playlist on deploying Teams.

As Teams champion, I have decided that following the [planned or organic] approach mentioned in the videos makes the most sense for us.

[If planned, explain structure]

Please follow the instructions to get set up on teams by [date]. 

[sign off]

5. Schedule Tests for the following features: 

  • Conference Calls
  • Meeting with Desktop/Application sharing
  • Video conferences


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