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Next-generation attachment sandboxing for advanced protection from spear-phishing and other targeted email attacks. 

Targeted attacks in email have rapidly increased in volume and sophistication. Attackers are using multiple ways to infiltrate organizations in order to achieve their goals, that may include stealing data, staging ransomware demands or even a springboard attack on another company. Protecting against these unknown threats requires advanced security

measures over and above standard email security filters. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection, with Attachment Protect
delivers end-to-end protection against spear-phishing and targeted email attacks. It extends URL-based attack defences
through URL rewriting provided by Mimecast URL Protect, to include comprehensive protection against zero-hour weaponized attachments.

How it works
ŸChoose from traditional pre-emptive sandboxing of attachments or an innovative attachment transcription
and on-demand sandbox alternative - or a combination for different groups of employees. Ÿ On-demand sandboxing removes attachments that could potentially contain malicious code (e.g. PDF or Microsoft Office files) from inbound emails and replaces them with transcribed, safe versions – neutralizing any malicious code.Ÿ Employees have instant access to these safe attachments.Ÿ If they require read / write access, a link in the email can be
used to request the original file via a leading, cloud based sandbox.

l Multi-layered zero-hour attachment protection – conversion to a safe format plus sandboxing

l Safe attachments are delivered without traditional sandboxing latency, helping maintain employee productivity

l The sandbox is only deployed if an editable version of the attachment is requested 

l A pre-emptive sandbox, without initial attachment transcription, is also available

l Granular reporting allows for end-to-end, real-time threat analysis

l Protection on and off the corporate network, including mobile devices

Multi-layered protection
As malware-laden attachments increase, sandboxing has become a critical defense in the war on spear-phishing and zero-hour advanced persistent threats. However, an arms race between sandbox vendors and malware authors has seen a growing number of attacks successfully penetrating traditional sandboxes to infect their targets. With Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection - Attachment Protect, organizations can pre-emptively sandbox attachments before they are delivered to employees. This traditional approach helps defend against weaponized attachments, but introduces some delay to email delivery. Attachment Protect also offers an innovative alternative that ensures safe attachments are delivered to employees without delay by combining attachment conversion, or transcription, with on-demand sandboxing to provide comprehensive,
multi-layered protection. Transcribing vulnerable attachments to a safe format as they pass through the email
gateway delivers a critical first line of defense against exploits. In many cases, employees only ever need to view
attachments rather than edit them. In fact approximately 51% of attachments are read-only PDF files to start with,
followed by 17% Word, 9% Excel and 3% Powerpoint.

Selectively sandboxing attachments on-demand, adds a second layer of defense for when the original, editable
document is needed. Combining transcription with on-demand sandboxing allows administrators to choose the best mix of safety, performance and functionality for their organization. Flexible deployment Mimecast allows organizations to select the most appropriate level of protection for different groups of employees. They can optimize email delivery performance without impacting security by configuring attachment transcription with on-demand sandboxing for the majority of employees. They
get instant access to safe attachments, while still being able to request the original if required. Alternatively, defined groups of employees can be enabled with pre-emptive sandboxing, meaning attachments pass through the sandbox before being delivered to employees – if deemed safe. For comprehensive zero-hour threat protection, combine Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – Attachment Protect, with our URL Protect service.

Mimecast offers a SUITE of Threat Protection products. These products are highly recommended by runbiz to suppliment other security measures. Download and read about the full line of threat protection through Mimecast.

Protect Attachments

Protect Impersonation

Protect URL


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