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Avoid Tech Support Scams

Today I want to address something that has been going around for a long time now, and that being Tech Support Scams that are built by bad actors trying to impersonate Microsoft or Apple. A lot of times a user will click a bad link, and their browser will redirect them to a page that tells them their computer has been infected with some sort of virus. This warning appears to be from Microsoft or Apple, and will tell you that to get rid of the virus, you must call their tech support line immediately. This is all a ploy scare you into paying money for fake tech support.

When this scam appears, here are 5 common things you might see: 

  1. Microsoft or Apple branding to make it appear legitimate

  2. A Toll-Free telephone number

  3. An error message

  4. A message saying that things such as your Facebook login, credit card details email account logins, photos and documents are currently being stolen

  5. "Security Warning" Pop-Up

While closing out your browser is a sufficient fix in most cases, we do recommend that you call us to run a diagnostic test on your machine to ensure that there is no malware. 

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