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Datto Workplace vs. Dropbox

While many businesses are continuing to work remotely, finding the most functional, secure way to share files with co-workers is key. There are many file sharing solutions out there, but not all file-sharing and storage is created equal. If you are a business, it is critical that your solution is business-class. So, what really is the difference between the free versions of popular tools like Dropbox or Google Drive and a business-class solution like Datto Workplace? Is it really worth it? Today I’ll highlight the three major differentiators, specific to what Datto Workplace offers.

Ransomware Detection:

Workplace uses advanced algorithms to detect signs of ransomware infections. Once detected, the affected machine is immediately quarantined, which prevents the spread of the ransomware. Admins are immediately notified and are able to easily revert the affected files to their state prior to the incident.

Permission Levels:

Datto Workplace gives you individual and group-based granular control over access to data with various permission levels. This also means control over the user’s ability to reshare within the team or to create public shares.

Continuity and Compliance:

Workplace guarantees over 99.99% uptime alongside HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC 2 compliance, meaning Datto Workplace has a proven track record of keeping business data safe and available 24/7.

These are just a few of the main considerations on why using a business-class file, sync and share solution like Datto Workplace is truly worth it.

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