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<div>Why is Outlook "working offline"?</div>

Why is Outlook working offline?

By Ryan Richardson

One of the issues our clients frequently call about, is Microsoft Outlook showing to be offline. This is shown by and indicator at the bottom of Outlook. The reasons this can happen vary, but the solution is simple.

At the top of your window, choose the Send / Receive tab, then click the “Work Offline” button. Then you will see it reconnect back into the exchange. Most of the time, this will do the trick.

If it’s still failing to connect, it is possible that your .ost file is corrupt, or that you’re not online or connected to your network. At this point, call us and we’ll get you squared away.

 You also may be wondering, why does a work offline mode even exist?

This comes in handy a road trips or plane rides. Anywhere you don’t have connectivity. You can work offline and Outlook will store your data in an offline file location. Now when you reconnect to the network, Outlook will go back online and send and receive all your mail. Occasionally “work offline” gets stuck and that’s a common reason we have to come back and re-connect manually.

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