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Go on the Offensive with Huntress

The approach that cybercriminals are taking continues to evolve, so we are evolving with them. We’ve done a good job putting up multiple layers of defense to keep threats out, but no gate is perfect. That’s why there is a need to go on the offensive and hunt down potential malicious footholds that could already exist within your system. Huntress Labs provides that solution.  The Founder of Huntress formerly worked for the US Intelligence Committee in Cyber Operations where he noticed a need for this type of solution and has since branched out to fill the gap. We consider Huntress Labs to be an essential piece of the puzzle.

How it works:

1. An agent is installed on workstations and servers to collect and send information about malicious mechanisms to the Huntress cloud.

2. Data is analyzed by automated engines to highlight new or unknown threats.

3. The Huntress team hunts through new and unseen threat mechanisms to investigate and confirm the presence of malicious footholds. The Huntress team is a live group of cybersecurity experts who help make these determinations.

4. Once a threat is discovered, actions are performed to mitigate the threat, including removing the foothold and related artifacts.

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