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How to Generate Strong Passwords

Why You Need a Strong Password

Choosing a strong, secure password reduces the risk that your password will be guessed or stolen. A stolen password can allow someone to send emails in your name, change your personal information, or publish inappropriate or illegal material. It could also be used to break into company systems. 

A strong, secure password is good for you and your biz!

Guidelines for Creating a Secure Password

When you change your password your new password may be checked for strength.

Your new password must:

  1. Use ten or more characters.

  2. Have at least three of these:

  3. Lowercase letters

  4. Uppercase letters

  5. Numerals

  6. Punctuation

And must not:

  1. Be a word—or contain four numbers in ascending or descending order (for example, 12345 or 8765).

  2. Use parts of your name.

Use the first letters of the words in a phrase to make a strong and memorable password. For example, "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth" becomes 4S&7yaofb4th.

Select a unique password for business use. Do not use your business password outside of work for other computing accounts. Runbiz uses strong encryption methods to protect your password. If you use that same password for services that do not offer such protection, you put your business password and account at risk.

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