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How to Spot Vishing

Updated: Mar 15


In our interconnected world, telephone calls remain a powerful means of communication. Unfortunately, they’re also a prime target for scams. In this blog, we’ll explore the rising threat of voice phishing, commonly known as “vishing.” Let’s stay informed and protect ourselves!

What Is Vishing?

Vishing occurs when fraudsters impersonate legitimate companies over the phone to steal money and personal information. These scams are on the rise, with the Federal Trade Commission reporting that 77% of fraud complaints involve telephone contact.

The Mechanics of Vishing

VoIP Calls: The Stealthy Weapon

  • Vishing calls often use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

  • Thousands or even millions of VoIP calls can be made globally in an instant.

  • Because these calls traverse the Internet, they’re nearly untraceable.

Caller ID Spoofing and Recordings

  • Scammers employ caller ID spoofing to falsify caller information.

  • Recordings mimic legitimate company messages, adding to the deception.

Avoiding Vishing Traps

1. Verify the Caller

  • Unexpected Callers: If someone claims to represent a specific company and you didn’t initiate the communication, ask for their name or employee number.

  • Independent Verification: Call the company back using a trusted source (e.g., your billing statement or the phone book). Do not use the number provided by the caller.

2. Guard Your Personal Information

  • Be Cautious: Avoid sharing personal or financial details over the phone unless you initiated the call.

  • Rights with Debt Collectors: If someone claims you owe a debt, know your rights. State and federal laws grant you the right to receive written verification of the debt.

3. Prize Scams: A Red Flag

  • Reality Check: You cannot win a prize if you didn’t enter a contest. Be skeptical of unexpected prize notifications.


In 2024, vishing remains a serious threat. Stay vigilant, verify callers, and protect your personal information. Next week, we’ll delve into more security insights. Until then, keep your guard up! 🛡️

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