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Ironscales Free URL Scanner

In this week’s Web Tip Wednesday, we are exploring Ironscales’ free URL Scanner that will tell you whether or not a webpage is safe. Ironscales is a company that we partner with to deliver best-in-class anti-phishing software. Ironscales has done an incredible job of keeping our customers safe from countless malicious emails, and the lost time and money that accompany these attacks. That being said, we are excited that they are offering this free tool that anyone can use.

The scanner is simple. Anytime you are on the fence about whether or not a link you received in an email is safe, simply copy and paste the link into the tool to find out. The results are usually instantaneous. This is something you can use for both your business and personal email. You are able to conduct 10 free scans each day.

Bad actors who conduct these phishing campaigns will typically include links that send you to a fake webpage that is intended to replicate a site that you would normally trust. The end goal is to get you to enter important information like log-in credentials, banking information, or a social security number. These spoofed webpages can often be convincing if you don’t know what to look for. This free URL scanner removes any doubt. Ironscales uses a combination of data they have on thousands of fake websites, as well as image processing and deep learning to determine whether or not the site is genuine. If Ironscales can’t determine the validity of the link upon the first quick scan, they will conduct a deeper evaluation on the webpage and respond with the results via email.

Try it out here.

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