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Shortcuts in Microsoft Teams

Updated: May 10

Shortcuts can be a great way to navigate Microsoft Teams more efficiently. Today we will show you how to find all the shortcuts in Teams in just one place. (Not including this article) 

The key is to remember just one simple shortcut that will give you access to all the rest: Ctrl . - This will take you to the full menu of shortcuts inside of teams. That way you won’t have to come back to this article every time you want to find a shortcut.

Mac Users: You will simply use command in place of Ctrl, option in place of Alt, and return in place of Enter.

keyboard shortcut keys



Show keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl .

Show commands: Ctrl /

Goto: Ctrl G

Start new chat: Ctrl N

Open Help: F1

Zoom in: Ctrl =

Zoom out: Ctrl -

Reset zoom level: Ctrl 0

Go to Search: Ctrl E

Open Filter: Ctrl Shift F

Open apps flyout: Ctrl ‘

Open Settings: Ctrl ,

Close: Escape


Go to compose box: Alt Shift C

Expand compose box: Ctrl Shift X

Attach file: Ctrl O

Search current Chat/Channel messages: Ctrl F

Reply to thread: Alt Shift R

Send (expanded compose box): Ctrl Enter

Start new line: Shift Enter

Meetings, Calls, and Calendar

Accept video call: Ctrl Shift A

Decline call: Ctrl Shift D

Start video call: Ctrl Shift U

Announce raised hands: Ctrl Shift L

Start screen share session: Ctrl Shift E

Go to sharing toolbar: Ctrl Shift Space

Accept screen share: Ctrl Shift A

Toggle background blur: Ctrl Shift P

Go to current time: Alt .

Go to next day/week: Ctrl Alt ➡️

View workweek: Ctrl Alt 2

Save/send meeting request: Ctrl S

Go to suggested time: Alt Shift S

Accept audio call: Ctrl Shift S

Start audio call: Ctrl Shift C

Toggle mute: Ctrl Shift M

Raise or lower your hand: Ctrl Shift K

Toggle video: Ctrl Shift O

Decline screen share: Ctrl Shift D

Admit people from lobby notification: Ctrl Shift Y

Schedule a meeting: Alt Shift N

Go to previous day/week: Ctrl Alt ⬅️

View day: Ctrl Alt 1

View week: Ctrl Alt 3

Join from meeting details: Alt Shift J


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